My favourite song isn't on your set list, can I request it?

Of course you can! As a part of your booking we will happily learn up to two new songs free of charge.  This means you can have whatever song you want for your first dance/father daughter dance or if it's your birthday and you'd like to dance to your favourite song your can! 

I Like your premade sets but a few the songs I like aren't on the same ones, can I rearrange them?

The premade set lists we have provided have been tried and tested at numerous gigs and we fill have the perfect balance of songs however, if our premade sets aren't in the order you like please do let us know and we will happily rearrange them to suit you.

What kind of events do you usually serve?

Any and all events! If you need to hire wedding singers, birthday entertainment or maybe a something for a surprise party, we'll be happy to help.

Do you work with a band?

I'm afraid we do not, we are both professionally trained singers and we do not currently have an option to add any instruments to your booking. We work with high quality backing tracks that we personally source. By doing this we can keep our booking prices low as you wont be paying for a full 4/5 piece band but we believe we can create the same experience with just the two of us!

Do you have your own PA system?

Yes we do! We will bring with us our Subzero 700W 12' PA system, so that's two mounted speakers, two mics on stands and a mixer. 

Do you offer a DJ service to follow your performance?

Unfortunately we do not offer a DJ service as such but we are happy to put on a playlist after our performance and play a set of songs for your guests to dance to from our PA system. Thus saving on DJ costs and there wont be any moving equipment. As this is a separate service we are providing there will be an additional cost attached, send us a message on the contact page to inquire into this extra service. 

Is your equiptment PAT tested?

Yes it is! Certificate is available on request.

Do you have PLI?

Yes we do, Certificate available on request.

How much space do you require?

Not a lot! As long as we have access to a power supply we could fit cosily into a corner of the room or spread out to fill a larger space.

How many breaks do you take and how long are they?

We take a 15 minute break after every set.

Do we need to pay for your travel?

Once we have received the confirmed venue address for your event we will be able to send you an accurate quote as to how much your travel will be. For now we are based in Bromley and travel is charged at 50p per mile to and from the venue.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Once the booking is confirmed we will send you a confirmation email with an invoice, on this invoice will be a 15% deposit (of travel and performance costs) payable ASAP after this email is received. The deposit is refundable up to two weeks before the agreed date. Until this deposit has been received your booking is only provisional, after received we will send you another email to let you know it has been paid and that you are officially booked in! 

When/ How should I pay?

The remainder of the amount due, minus the deposit, is due on the night of your event. Any later than this and a late fee will be charged unless previously discussed. We prefer payments to be made in either cash or a bank transfer.

Our event is in a few weeks, do you take late notice bookings?

Yes we do, there will however be an additional  15% charge for late bookings.