ALEX                        LYDIA

Alex Runicles is currently studying Musical theatre at D&B Academy of performing arts. He is currently in his 3rd year and will be graduating this June. Whilst training he has had the opportunity to be involved in several college productions where he has been lucky enough to play many lead roles. For example he played 'Chris' in the musical 'Miss Saigon', 'Nicky' in the musical 'Avenue Q', 'Eddie Lyons' in the musical 'Blood Brothers' and 'Roger' in the musical 'Grease'. He was also lucky enough to be involved in E4's TV series 'Stage School' where he sung and acted across from Lydia on national television and recently performed in Londons New Years Day Parade for the second year running, which has over a million spectators nation wide.

Alex began performing at a young age and at 13 sung in the national youth choir, performing at the royal albert hall several times. He can now be found teaching drama to kids age 4-16 and preparing for graduate life! Alex is fully DBS checked. 

Lydia Buckley is a professionally trained singer and singing teacher based in London. She trained for 3 years at D&B Academy of Performing Arts where she received two ALCM diplomas in 'Music theatre performance' and 'Music theatre teaching' with London College of Music. After graduating in June 2017 she went on to appear and sing on E4 TV series 'Stage School' alongside Alex. In the summer of 2018 she had the opportunity to travel to Dubai where she played the lead in a new musical called 'Toys'. She has also spent some time in a recording studio as she was asked to sing for some of the tracks on 'Life City's' new album 'Encounter'. 

Although she has built up some experience she didn't begin this way. Lydia began singing from a very young age when she first won a singing competition at a girl guides camp when she was only 10, singing 'Love story' by Taylor Swift.  Lydia can now be found teaching singing to children ages 4-16 every Saturday and auditioning in and around London. Lydia is fully DBS checked.